Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Indiana Jones

I open with a line from one of my favourite movies, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

“Ask yourself, why do you seek the Cup of Christ? Is it for His glory, or for yours?”

While you and I may not be on a search for the Cup of Christ, (but if you are, please let me know) the film reminds us of an age old question: Is His glory the chief aim of my life?

I mention this because success and failure both have a strange habit of clouding this perspective. Success implies God is behind it, and failure (defined however you want) implies He is not. And this is not always the case.

A famous writer once said that if you reach 500 rejections it’s time to realize you’re not a writer. I’m lucky that way. I only got to 236 before my first book was picked up. So what does that say about the first 235? I don’t know.

Perhaps you too have looked around and wondered how in the world the jigsaw pieces in your life could ever fit together to form a puzzle. Or maybe your puzzle looks just fine thank you very much and there’s no point in messing with something that’s working.

Either way, I’m reminded to live in such a way that God is looking for his character and nature to be revealed in the world. Maybe that means loving someone in the business world who doesn’t get much love. Maybe that means writing a book or a script for a cause that will change people’s lives. Maybe that means pursuing something that is way above anything taken on before (which seems to be an indication that God is talking). Maybe that means continuing to pursue what’s on your heart even after the big 500.

Maybe that means taking a moment to evaluate what motivates us.

I close with a line from the same movie:

“It’s time to ask yourself what you believe.”

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Deborah said...

I love this post. I find it inspiring. Thanks Paul. Great photo, too.

Always good to have these reminders and to probe our hearts with questions like these.

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