Monday, July 27, 2015

Writing In Perspective - Tracy Krauss

There are moments in life that bring everything else into perspective. Births, deaths, weddings… occasions that trump the mundane (and sometimes frustrating) realities of normal existence.

I’ve had a few of these recently. My second grandchild was born in early July and there is nothing like snuggling a newborn, inhaling the sweet pungency that only a brand new baby emits. Another of my daughters is getting married this fall. In the whirlwind of planning and preparing, I am grateful that such a solid, godly man has chosen to cherish my little girl. These happy events make worrying about my word count seem a little less urgent. 

But life isn’t always a bouquet of roses. There have been some stressful family situations, too. The mother in me has spent far too many nights in tearful prayer, convincing myself that ‘letting go and letting God’ really is the best solution, hard as that is to do. Then there are those sudden blindsiding events that change one’s world in the blink of an eye.

My cousin’s wife was killed tragically this summer in one such blink. An avid triathlete, she was training for a charity cycling event when she was clipped from behind by a delivery truck. She leaves behind two young children and a grieving husband.

While babies and weddings and other summer celebrations fill us with joy, sudden tragedy is the thing that really puts the rest of life in perspective. My summer has been focused on writing a new novel, with a long list of promotional items thrown in. Somehow, social media stats seem rather trivial in light of the grief my cousin and his family are facing.

This doesn’t mean that one should give up on writing or promoting. Meaningful work brings joy to the human heart. (Ecclesiastes 8: 15) It is good to have goals and strive toward them. The bible says that God put eternity in men's hearts, so I think it's natural to look to the future. But don't let the busyness, or the frustrations, or the disappointments get in the way of embracing the present.

I'm still plugging away at my next novel, determined to have it polished before school starts in the fall. I'm also making plans to attend a conference in Calgary in the middle of August. However, I'm taking some time to reflect and also enjoy the mundane moments in the present. It's about balance, I think. The past, the present and the future coming together as a whole without too much emphasis on one over the other. Celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and keep looking to the future.

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author and playwright living in Tumbler Ridge BC. Website


Ruth L. Snyder said...

Thanks for your post, Tracy. Perspective makes a huge difference in every area of our lives, and writing is no exception.

Peter Black said...

Thanks Tracy. Perspective is a topic I've resorted to again and again in my column, over the years. I think that's because I'm as much in need of that message as my readers, if not more so.
I'm sorry for your and your extended family's loss. Prayers are in order, especially for your cousin and his children. ~~+~~

fudge4ever said...

I didn't realize she was your cousin, Tracy. Sorry to hear. I knew her too (what a wonderful girl she was!) and you are so right about how it puts things in perspective. I keep thinking as I'm hanging the laundry, picking the beans, and writing, how all of these mundane moments are now so treasured. And yet, we must keep on writing through all of it! Good perspective, Tracy.

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