Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy Week

From Ash Wednesday to Holy Week we have walked with the Lord in the wilderness, searching for God’s deeper call to us. We were driven there by a desire to meditate on Our Lord’s suffering and a need to share with Him, as best we could, in that suffering. We have done our little fasts, which have reminded us of our Lord’s suffering; we have done our extra intercessions for those in need; we have participated in our Lenten Bible studies and prayer groups.

And now, we come close to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. There is so much emotion to be experienced—anguish, grief and joy—in so few days. Even after two thousand years of knowing what is to come, still the events bring tears—tears for our Lord’s pain; tears for our own grief; followed by tears of extreme joy in the discovery of our Lord’s resurrection.

In monasteries and convents silence falls upon the monks and nuns on Wednesday (today) and through the rest of Holy Week. No unnecessary word is spoken; sadness and sorrow, edged with an expectation of joy, are felt with each whispered word; and every sung lamentation in the ancient church services of Holy Week rises to heaven in an attempt to join our grief with all Christians around the world.

Today, it is appropriate to write few words, the better to pour forth our joyful alleluias on Easter Sunday, proclaiming Christ is risen! Alleluia! Christ is risen, indeed!

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