Friday, January 19, 2007

Life After a Business Plan

It seems to me that the topic “Life After” ranks high on the list of lucrative subjects. There are books written on just about any phase of “life after” from conception to death. Life After Death is addressed by theologians and lay folk alike and there’s no lack of voices waiting to explain the concept of reincarnation and beyond. Insurance and investment experts are at the ready to help us prepare for Life After Retirement or Life After The Kids Leave Home. Then there’s the matter of life after the latest diet plan, herbal formula, workout options or study declaring that chocolate may really be good for us (yeah!). The list goes on, sometimes ad nauseum. But, what about Life After the Business Plan?

Perhaps one of the most difficult lessons I’ve learned sounds so frustratingly simple: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. After thirty years in vocational ministry, entering the business world scared the living daylights out of me, to put it in Life After Sheparding terms. Convincing myself that it was neither selfish nor disloyal to charge appropriate fees for my work was nearly mind-boggling. Then there was the first time I had to let a less than competent subcontractor go. That nearly drove me to sackcloth and ashes.

But trusting, not leaning on my own wisdom, is more than that. It’s a rock-solid realization that God is my source. Not those great government contracts. Not the local economic development office. Not the U.S. firm I work for. God is my source. Period.

Trust isn’t always easy when doors stubbornly refuse to open, especially when you know you’re qualified and the product or service you offer is of value. The greatest optimist can be shaken when accounts receivable continually pale beside accounts payable.

A business plan is just that - a plan. I regularly commit my work, my company and my clients to the Lord and I still write proposals, knock on doors and network like crazy. But the difference is that now I rest confidently in the knowledge that “He will bring it to pass.” I’m quiet inside - and what better “Life After” could a person want?

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N. J. Lindquist said...

Thanks for this insight, Linda. You've certianly made me think.

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